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Welcome to The New World Consciousness - the official website of Donna Kenny, author of Heal Yourself - Heal the World: Preparing for the New World Consciousness.

Book Description
Our created universe is ever evolving and is presently passing through a critical evolutionary stage. We are in the midst of a universal healing and transformation process which will catalyze a shift into a new evolutionary paradigm. This new paradigm will manifest a glorious reality that has never before been experienced on any level of Creation. The highest of Heaven will be brought to Earth and humanity will experience a transformative rebirth in consciousness. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the purpose and goals of the universal healing and transformation process from the perspective of the Divine Plan of Creation. It also offers support and guidance for your personal healing and transformation process so that you can embrace your true divine destiny in the wondrous new reality.

Now available at online ebook retailers including, Barnes and Noble, Apple iBookstore,, Kobo, Readerstore, Google eBookstore, Diesel ebooks and other ebook retailers.

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