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Channeled from Deity - Discusses the Healing Work, the New World Consciousness and more

Right Use of Will

Received from Deity by Ceanne Derohan - The first book in the Right Use of Will series talks about the many ways in which our Wills have been denied and explains how we can recover our lost Will presence. This inner balance needs to be found, and from that, outer balance can proceed. The rest of the books in the Right Use of Will series can help to go more deeply into buried belief systems that have been running us from our subconscious mind. If you want to read the books in this series, it is important to read them in order.

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New Tools for Self-Exploration & Healing

The Third Eye

Evolutionary Spiritual Guidance for Healing, Transformation & Ascension

The Ascension Process

Dedicated to the Healing, Transformation and Ascension of Earth and Humanity

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